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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sloppi Jo's Roving Eatery

YES!! Another food truck review!

Some of you know me from my food pictures and reviews. Some of you just recently started following me due to my opening a food truck this summer. Either way, I want to THANK YOU ALL for reading my blog!

NOW off to the good stuff!

I was stoked to try Sloppi Jo's! I had been following her on Facebook and Twitter for about 2 weeks, not knowing the truck has only been on the streets for 1 month!!
My boyfriend, and homegirl Kris came with me to check this one out at Pawn Stars. I seen the owner Jolene "Jo" standing outside the truck as we pull up. Little did she know I was coming to pick her brain! hehehe

Her truck is adorable with a hot pin-up version of her. (She is adorable already before being a Pin-Up)

The menu was small and delicious like the majority of food trucks, but this girls Chicken Chile Stew OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!! Freaking great! Break up the tortilla in the soup! (always listed to owner's tips)

I ordered more than I could eat, a pork taco, a chicken taco, the stew and an order of sopapillas. Jo specializes in Hatch Green Chiles. B ordered the Sloppi Jo. before I describe its awesome-ness, here is a pic:

Yes this thing right here! Comes with pulled pork and green chiles, a sunny side up egg and grilled onions with a tortilla.

Worth coming back for, just this alone.

My tacos were great too. I preferred the pork- ONLY because it had avocado. Chicken was still yummy!

My pic didn't turn out so great, but here it is.

Also, the sopapillas, had this homemade cinnamon honey butter. I could live off those things!

Sorry I devoured them, no pic :)

Honestly I have not ONE BAD THING I could say about this truck. Not only is the food AMAZING, but the fact that Jo sat & talked to me for 15 minutes about my own truck, and the little secrets they don't tell you, and cleaning the water and SO MUCH I didn't know about! THANK YOU SLOPPI JO'S!

I'd give you 6 outta 5! Can't wait to come back to try the things I haven't yet tried.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Memphis BBQ on Warm Springs

Hi everyone.

B, Mario, and I had lunch at Memphis last week... and what you have all been waiting for. PICTURES!

I am a long time Memphis fan. I have been to every location in Vegas and rarely let down. BBQ is a favorite food for me. Not to mention I can get down on the grill.

This one will be quick. Not much to say when everything is great!

B had the "King". A pulled pork sandwich topped with there secret recipe bbq sauce. If you like heat, try the spicy bbq sauce!

With Potato salad and Fries on the side, and of course the magic dust he is holding up in the background. If you ever want a bomb pulled pork sandwich, this is the one right here.
I suggest it with the coleslaw (which you see on the side) It is a vinegar based southern style slaw. Best in town.

Mario and I both had the 2 meat lunch combo

My plate had hot links and baby back ribs for my meat selection. You get 2 sides, and I usually add a 3rd because I can't pick just 2. Right here you see mash taters & coleslaw. But other yummy sides include, cucumber salad, red beans and rice & corn on the cob.

Also, I must mention their drinks. They have sweet tea, sweet apple tea and flavored lemonades. They come served in a huge mason jar and if you ask for one to-go after your meal they will hook it up!

There are a few good BBQ joints in town, but I would say Memphis is one of, if not, THE best in town.
I know some may disagree. However for less than $15 ($10 if you get the king) you get a delicious, filling, lunch. 5 outta 5!

P.S. new rating system coming asap!! with forks & glasses & lots of fun stuff :)

Thanks guys & gals XOXO,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruth Chris Steak House

I am pretty sure that I am one of the last people in the world who hadn't tried this place. When I found out we were going here for Natalie's birthday I was stoked! Good steak, my favorite people. I was ready!


Let me start off by saying I have been to about 5 higher grade, classy steak houses in Vegas. I am not sure what qualifications that gives me on rating and judging these places. But I know I can cook a dam good steak, and I sure love to eat one. Also, I have grown a small appreciation for these $30-100 slabs of meat that melt in your mouth.

3 of the 4 of us were first timers here. No expectations. I have heard great things, and horrible things so I was truly going in with an open mind and palet.

I started off with a basic dinner salad with balsamic dressing:
Fresh and Delicious.

B ordered Lobster Bisque. I was very excited to try this
Yeah I know, the picture isn't worth 1000 words. Even not being a huge lobster fan I was wishing I had a bowl of my own! What is with the more $$ it is the less you get? Maybe I should learn to cook a huge pot of this goodness!

Next the entrees. Of course steak! They read us the specials, and anyone who knows me won't be shocked that I was sold! Filet Oscar. For those of you who don't know what "oscar style" is let me educate you :)
Oscar is usually a Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauce, with crab meat, and asparagus served over a meat. Such as chicken oscar or filet oscar.

This was 2, 5oz petite filets. Here is a pic: 

The sauce was a tad bit under seasoned. Other than that this was a great meal and I devoured it! I gave B a bite of my crab and that was a thank you for letting me try the lobster bisque. Oh man this was good.

B ordered the Ribeye, it came to the table at 150 degrees sizzling!
We actually took a video of the sound of the butter crackling on the plate. This was also melt in your mouth material.

Kind of random, but had to take a pic of Ron's fat fries:
Its like four fried potatoes on a plate! The mash potatoes were great as well.

We ordered Creme Brulee of course for dessert. Didn't take a pic, because Natalie, B and I killed it instantly. One of the best I have had. I know you may think, "how do you screw up creme brulee?" but trust me, go to the Cosmopolitan Buffet if you question me.

Overall, Ruth Chris met my expectations. I would give it 4.5 outta 5. They are only losing a half point because I have had better. There is major competition for 5 star steak houses in this city.

I am planning on trying them all.

Thanks for reading

Buca Di Beppo

Buca Buca Buca, oh how I love me some Buca Di Beppo. Well most days anyway.

I would be the first person to recommend Buca over Olive Garden or a similar chain Italian places. Usually I receive excellent service, great food, and a fun environment. I have even had past birthday celebrations here with a party of 25. We had leftovers for days let me tell ya!

First off we start with an rookie server who took the obviously wealthy tourist plates away before even acknowledging us. Then couldn't seem to remember that B ordered raspberry and I ordered strawberry as only the initial drink of the day was correct. But he is super friendly, and trying hard so let's not hate him yet.

 A starter here that I would suggest all day long is the chopped antipasti salad. We get it every time. 

This has all kinds of yummy-ness. Salami and pepperoni, mixed olives, peppers, and cheeses. Great salad, maybe not so authentic Italian but I could eat this all day long.

I wanted to try something new to review since I have had so many things off of this menu.
Prosciutto stuffed mushrooms in a pesto cream sauce.
If you like pesto and mushrooms you would love this appetizer, and it comes with 6 for the record ;)

We ordered 2 entrees, A baked rigatoni with spicy sausage in a meat marinara topped with ricotta cheese.
Tasted alright, but not picture worthy, sorry. If I were to order again, (not likely) heavy sauce would be a must. 

Second, Chicken Limon. A juicy chicken breast with a citrus white wine sauce topped with capers and fresh lemon.

Now for dessert, wait. Or not.  One of my favorite things about this place is the mini gelato cones. Which they DISCONTINUED! What?? They usually had vanilla, chocolate or pistachio. That pistachio was one of the reasons I came! Who wants the HUGE sweets they offer after you just stuffed your face full of all that heavy stuff?
The mini cone was the perfect ending, major fail on that one Buca.

Well overall my food was good yes, but I wouldn't give them more than a 3 outta 5. Here is why; Drink refills are imperative. Knowing your menu is a biggie, rookie or not. Last, I have had way better experiences! MANY of them.

Thank you for reading- love to hear your feedback, comments, or suggestions.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curbside Cafe Food Truck

YAY! My first food truck review! As most of you know, my dream is to eventually have my own food truck. I have my menu picked out, my name picked out. Sooner than later hopefully someone will be writing great reviews about my truck. For now, the focus is on Curbside Cafe!

You will usually find this truck outside the Las Vegas Municipal Court House. (good place right get all the crooks, judges, cops, and lawyers) CRAZIEST PEOPLE IN VEGAS! No but really, this truck is one of my favorites, and I am a food truck junkie!

The menu is small, but full of flavor. They have a Hawaiian burger, a bbq bacon burger, a black & blue burger but what did I order you ask????


Oh man, these things are to die for. B doesn't even like Mahi and he wanted to eat these. The seasoning is so succulent it makes my mouth water thinking of them. A little spicy, but that made it better in my opinion. Served with cabbage, a pico de gallo, and some special tarter type sauce. And did I mention we both ate for $13.
The owner Doug is a real nice guy as well. So make sure you tip good when visiting your local food truck.

5 outta 5 here guys! Take a drive downtown, or when your paying that next traffic ticket and your stuck waiting for hours- kill some time at Curbside Cafe.

Check out their website and follow them on facebook and twitter!!/pages/Curbside-Cafe/129298443760458


Macayos Vegas

Alright, sorry folks I am a day late! We went to lunch yesterday at Macayos on Charleston & Bruce. I have been here a million times, however I judged it as it was my first experience.

First off the regular salsa sucks get the chunky.
Its super yummy!

We ordered chicken wings hot as an appetizer. SO bomb. Crispy, juicy & spicy. Would order again for sure.

B got a baja burrito enchilada style and devoured it, he loves this place!

I ordered the mini sampler which had mini tacos, tostadas, tamales, taquitos, and chimichangas. All of them were very satisfying other than the tamale. It was greasy and soggy and please take me back to the mexican woman at the salon slangin' them, thanks ;)  Here is a pic
Overall, positives about this place. It's been here forever, with the same people. (and decor, lol) You have to appreciate that in Vegas. Being a native I sure do. The food is decent. Maybe not so authentic when it comes to mexican food but that is truly hard to find these days. As Chef Weiss would say, I go to Roberto's when I want mexican food. The chimichangas and mini tacos were great, and everyone else at the table loved there food. When I come back though, I won't act like a first timer and will get the chicken baja enchiladas! Trust me on that one. I would rate it 3.5 outta 5.

As for negatives there weren't any worth talking about. Except they were out of red lollipops!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for reviews on Curbside Cafe food truck and Serendipity 3!


P.S. NEW blog design coming soon! Hopefully with a martini glass I will fill up with ratings. How full will your glass get?

Monday, January 24, 2011

COCOS @ Boulder Station

Not a huge Coco's fan, but had an above average experience tonight I'd say. 
Great service, good value. Not a long wait time, which is expected here. (not due to business they just always seem to be slow)
I ordered the cajun prime rib with mashed potatoes and veggies. The prime rib was 4 outta 5, had a decent amount of fat, but seasoned well. Veggies were a little overcooked. I'd give the cream of broccoli soup 3 outta 5.  Not bad or great. Just ok.
Being in a casino I didn't order any cocktails. I do apologize for not posting a picture. I was starving, and the presentation wasn't anything above average so my hunger got the best of me. 

Overall experience at Cocos inside Boulder Station. 4 outta 5. I would return. My food tasted good, was the right temp, and I didn't have to wait to long. Impeccable service puts the cherry on top. 

And she even gave Mario a hard time for wearing a Green Bay shirt! Gotta love a server with humor :)